Flashtech Colorfuse Bluetooth Waterproof Controller

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Flashtech's Bluetooth Colorfuse Waterproof RGB and RGBW controllers are one of the most advanced, reliable, and versatile RGB control systems on the market. With Flashtech's custom Colorfuse smart phone app the level of control you have over your lighting is unlike anything ever seen in the lighting market. One of Flashtech's most powerful controllers, this unit can be used with all Flashtech Waterproof color changing led products. 4 pin waterproof connections provide easy wiring with any Flashtech waterproof RGB lighting setup, such as underbody, wheel, and rock lights..

Flashtech ColorFuse smart phone app, for Iphone and Android, features 9 unique control experiences and millions of different combinations that begs the question, how will YOU take control?

Flashtech Colorfuse App Features:
● 2 custom color wheels with unlimited combinations to create, save and reuse
● Dozens of preset colors and modes ready for instant on demand use.
● Transform your lights into visual music no matter where the sound is coming from!
● Create custom patterns that can be used immediatly or saved for later.
● If you can see it your lights can become it with the camera color match feature!
● Time your lights perfectly, with a custom timer to turn your lights on or off

Technical Parameters:
● Working temperature: -40 - 140 F
● Supply voltage: DC12V - 24V
● Connecting mode: common anode
● External dimension:L53 X W65 X H25mm
● Packing size: L203 X W135 X H45 mm
● RF Requency: 433Mhz
● Gross weight: 300g
● Static power consumption: <1 W
● Output current: <6A (each channel)
● Output power: 12V<216W