IR Fusion Multi-Color RGB LED Controller: 4 connector input

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Flashtech Wireless IR 24 Key RGB Controller is a versatile unit that is used to control a variety of RGB color changing LED Light sources. This controller can be used with many Flashtech color changing led products but come pre-wired with plug and play connections for Flashtech RGB Color changing Halos and RGB Flexible strip lighting. This controllers comes pre-wired with 4 separate female connectors to allow multiple items to be plugged in simultaneously.

Flashtech's IR controller uses infrared technology to allow the 24 key remote to communicate the RGB lighting controller. This technology requires the wireless remote to be within the line of site of the IR sensor to allow the remote to control your lighting. Color and lighting effects are controlled from a slim, credit card size, IR remote that provides over 20 different lighting options This wireless remotes provides many different color on demand options and multiple color changing lighting effects, all controlled from a touch of a button.

Technical Parameters
● Working temperature: -40 - 140 F
● Supply voltage: DC12V
● Output: 3 channels
● Connecting mode: common anode
● External dimension:L62 X W35 Χ H23 mm
● Packing size:L105Χ W63 Χ H55 mm
● Net weight: 50 g
● Gross weight: 85 g
● Static power consumption: <1 W
● Output current: <2 A (each channel)
● Output power: 12V: <72W